I cannot even begin to say in words how this company worked with me to get me into what i needed. When others said no Erick came through. Their products are quality and will last you a very long time. This furniture is A 1 and the people are great. God is definitely got his hand in this company.

- Jack

I'd decided I was buying a mattress, and I wasn't leaving until I did! The staff was so patient and helpful! It took 3 hours but with their help we finally found the perfect mattress for us, at the perfect price! Eric gave us an amazing deal and even delivered and set up our new bed!!! I suffer terribly with back pain, but ever since buying this new bed, I have been nearly pain free!!!! Thank you guys!

- Stephanie

Have you seen Serta's adjustable foundations?

Adjustable Foundations allow your bed to conform to the curve of your body to enhance your sleep experience and allow for a comfortable nights rest.

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